October 1: 10AM-12:15PM (ET) | October 8: 9AM-11AM (ET) | October 22: 10AM-12PM (ET) | October 29: 10AM-12PM (ET)

About the virtual symposium series

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About the Virtual Symposium Series

For over ten years, CIMVHR has been working with academia, military, Veterans, clinicians and practitioners, government, industry and philanthropy in an effort to advance military, Veteran and family health research in Canada. In 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, CIMVHR has worked to find a safe way to gather, discuss and disseminate emerging research. The Virtual Symposium Series will be hosted Thursdays in October and feature four online events, each focusing on a different area of research. These four virtual symposia will focus on:

  • Military medicine, COVID-19 and the changing scope of operations
  • Sex and gender
  • Chronic pain
  • Moral injury

These theme areas were identified through a consultation process and selected as key areas of emerging research for our military, Veterans and their families. Each symposium will feature expert presenters and an opportunity for participants to engage and ask questions.

The symposium series is free of charge and open to everyone interested in advancing military, Veteran and family health research. This is a virtual opportunity to learn, to connect and to serve those who serve us.

Virtual Symposium Series

Details on each symposium will be made available soon.

On September 24th from 1PM – 3:30PM ET, CIMVHR’s Student and Postdoctoral Engagement Committee (SPEC) will host this mentoring event to provide students/postdoctoral fellows with a formal mentoring opportunity where they can hear from and engage with experienced researchers in military, Veteran, public safety personnel and family health. The 2.5 hour event will be delivered online via Zoom and will begin with a panel discussion with the researchers, followed by a World Café session where students and trainees will have the opportunity to connect with each of the four researchers in small group sessions. The panelists will represent a wide breadth of knowledge and experience; they will have expertise in range of military, Veteran, public safety personnel and family areas. This event will serve to provide students and postdoctoral fellows with important networking opportunities in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.